Last night, after dinner, I was taking a walk on the road. When I walked past a convenient store I thought of going in to buy something. Then I realised that I didn’t have money with me. So I phoned my family to bring some money to me.

While waiting for my money, I saw an old man burning joss paper by the road side. I went to have a chat with him

“What are you doing here ? ” I asked him

“I m sending money to my family ” he said.

Then he asked me, ” What are you doing here ?”

” I m waiting for my family to send money to me. ”

On hearing this, his face turned pale and he ran away quickly.

I shouted to him, ” Hey, don’t run ! I m just waiting for my family to send money to me !”

Suddenly, all the people burning joss paper nearby also ran away.

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