First of all, as a sportsman more than 3/4 of my life. My dream have always been dreaming of becoming a world champion and putting Singapore on the world map. It took me 18 years of my life to achieved this dream of mine. I think it is every sportspersons’ dream too. Few days ago when I sat in front of the tv watching Schooling race and winning the first ever gold medal for Singapore. My heart was beating as fast as when I threw the last shot to win my World Championship back then. Watching him standing on the podium singing Majulah Singapura makes me tear. So so PROUD of u J S!!! U indeed made the whole Singapore gathered together hand in hand again. This is really one people one nation kind of feel.

Everyone must be wondering, then why am I annoyed.

I am annoyed not because the person wasn’t me… I am annoyed because I felt that it is not fair to the rest of the sportsman who r still trying to fighting their hearts out for Singapore. I am speaking of our FT( foreign talent ) How would u feel if u r in their shoes? There they r trying their best to live their dreams to win for Singapore, and here we r trying to put them down. Hey people!!! They r humans too. They have feelings…

Seriously, as long as they r wearing our national colors n holding a pink IC. To me, they r Singaporean n they r part of us!!! They eat here, sleep here, build a home here n call Singapore their home… Why can’t we jus embrace them with open arms n welcome them.

Credits should be also given to the people behind the scene. The people behind our success (trainers, sports medical team, management, media,etc) without these people, be it u r homegrown or FT… U can’t succeed. I really hope people out there who still thinks that FT flying our flag high is not proud. Pls pls think again…their pain n sweat to fly out flag should be well commented too cause they r now called Singaporeans not anything else.

N BTW Singapore…Olympics is not over for Singapore yet! We still have a chance for another medal!!! Let’s gather together n cheer our table tennis team on tonight! Hopefully another medal to the tally for Singapore! Come on Singaporeans!!!! We r one Singapore n United we stand!

Pls share this post if we think alike, for Singapore as ONE!!!

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