Dear Editors,

I refer to your postings on Dr Lee Wei Ling regarding several controversial issues she raised, in which she used strong words through social media to describe the rot that has begun to cement since GE 2015 right up until now: &

I would like to urge all Singaporeans to rally and submit another petition through NMP Koh Heng Leun to nominate her for a NMP seat in the second half of this parliamentary term since she alleges that almost all Singaporeans and MPs on both divides (especially Cheryl Chan Wei Ling and Tin Pei Ling) have failed us by remaining largely silent on draconian laws and human rights abuses by her brother’s government.

If she indeed feels so strongly about the current PAP government not truly having our interests at heart, she should perhaps start putting her words into action and be the absent ‘voice of conscience’ in the 13th parliament.

She NEED NOT apologize to K. Shanmugam and start taking him to task on several glaring lapses under his watch such as the successful “robbery” and escape of a Canadian, the blatant and unnecessary abuses of power by police in the Benjamin Lim case, the misplaced priority and deliberate ignorance of law enforcement agencies in the Shawn Rodrigues murder, the inaction of the rioting at Old Airport Road in Apr 2016, the rising unsolved cases of cheating by people linked to the establishment eg. Harold Fook, Datuks Sri Ray & Bryannz Fan and of course not forgetting, the award of medals to cowardice officers in the infamous Little India Riots.

Go Wei Ling, go go!

Glenn CY Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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