Came back from work and greeted with small little streams of water flowing down the walls of my kitchen. My unit upstairs is doing renovation and has just done some hacking last week. I’m pretty sure the waterproofing is damaged because of the hacking. So as the below unit, I got to suffer

I’ve done my googling and in a nutshell, this should be what will happen.

1) I call HDB and they will send someone to take a look at my unit.

2) Step 1 probably will take time and once confirm above unit need to do something, the cost of fixing will be split 50/50 between me and them.

Now I have some qns and hope somebody can answer my doubts.

1) Who will hire the contractor to fix? In my case, I assume the company that is currently doing the hacking in the upper unit should fix it. But if not, who should find one? HDB or me?

2) The final cost is pay to who to ensure it is split 50/50?

3) Do I have to liaise with the upper unit owner or HDB will be the middleman?

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