Let’s compare them, since everyone is doing that and their names appeared on headlines because of that too.


Joseph Isaac Schooling is born on 16 June 1995 while Quah Zheng Wen is born on 29 September 1996.

Both are Singaporean guys who used to study in ACS independent.

Who made them become the headlines?

Well, journalists, because Singaporeans live in a country where there’s no free press.

So instead of focusing on why Singapore lost the table tennis, Singapore’s journalists find a need to put Singaporean guys down.

Instead of saying that we paid those table tennis players millions of dollars and they lost, the journalists chose to put Singaporean guys down for not responding to him.

Instead of focusing on the fact that Singapore lost the table tennis and our swimmers made it to the finals, the journalists chose to put Singaporean guys down for not talking to him.

Wait, are Singaporeans supposed to talk in the first place? Are we supposed to be fact-seeking instead of mere complying? Are we supposed to voice out our thoughts instead of sticking to the status quo?

I know lotsa girls are fantasying over the bodies of the guys and guys are hoping to have their looks too.

To the journalists putting them down, why are you such a hypocrite to pretend that you do want facts?

Why are you such a reprobate to not seek facts on what’s important and using Singaporean guys as a tool of distraction from crucial issues?

There’re so many news in Singapore and Singapore took part in many other games too.

Yet journalists chose to pit one Singaporean guy against another?

Woah~ what have our local uni and system did to journalist ethics man?

A.S.S. Contributor

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