Dear Editors,

Chinatown is a very famous tourist spot. So at times when I walk down the streets of Chinatown, I get a tourist feel. I’m sure other singaporeans would feel the same too. Just like that, today I was shopping at Chinatown with my family.

We went to the $2 Shop to get some souvenirs for my overseas friends. My mum with the permission of a malay lady staff, took the packing off to inspect the items before making the purchases. After awhile this indian lady staff, pooped up from no where and started raising her voice against my mum. My mum and sister were unhappy and told her they would put back the packaging after selecting the items. However, she continued raising her voice. The malay staff came running and started arguing with us saying that she did not grant any permissions, and we are not suppose to open up the packings. The both started shouting and created a huge scene. The indian lady threatened us that they would call the police.The malay lady even snatched the items that my mum wanted to purchase and asked us to get out of the shop. She also raised her hand towards my sister as if she wanted to slap her.

So Tell me, were we at wrong? Before buying souvenirs, you have to make sure they are in good shapes, right?! How can you buy something blindly? We did not take off the packaging without the staff’s permission! We did asked the malay lady. She agreed, however, changed the story that she did not grant any permission! And we did put back all the packaging. Wohoo next, call police? threanten customers like that? Seriously, no comments on that! And physically fight with customers? What is this? This is the type of service given to others? If they have treated me like this, should i assume they would do the same to the tourists also? Is this how they would treat the tourists who come to singapore? Singapore is so depended on tourist guys! A big round of applause to their customer service

Nevermind let it a side, so if you are going down to Chinatown for shopping, do look out for this $2 Shop with the orange board. Their services is really very bad. Don’t be the next one to get humiliated infront of tourists. There is another $2 shop with green board at the other end of the street. I did not took any pic of that shop. The sales persons there seems very friendly and welcoming. So i guess you will know where to go and where not to go! Happy shopping!

A.S.S. Contributor

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