Most of my friends were cheering for Singaporean Joseph Schooling for the Rio Olympics 100m Butterfly Swimming Semi-Finals.

We were elated when he came in 1st in the second semi-finals this morning. He clocked the best time of 50.84 seconds. He has a chance to win our 1st Olympic Gold Medal.

In contrast we were secretly hoping that the table tennis team doesn’t win. We don’t feel proud of the PRC team playing for Singapore. They are mercenaries, not Singaporeans. They will return to China once their table tennis productive years are over. the earlier these PRC players go back, the better.

If there’s anyone who can unite Singaporeans, it’s Schooling. It’s natural to feel national pride when we hear news of Joseph Schooling beating his long time idol Michael Phelps in the race. Schooling came in first, clocking in 51.41s, whereas the Olympic champion Phelps came in later at 51.60s.

You can see the photos of Phelps and Schooling together, taken when Schooling was just a little boy. This is the kind of electrifying news that every true blue Singaporeans wants to see. It is a sad but simple truth that no one feels represented or proud when the PRC team is sent to the Olympics.

If the government wants to build our national sports, it should put in more effort and money into our local talents. People like Quah Zheng Wen, Joseph Schooling, even if they are seen as having “attitude problem” by the local media, they are way better than sending out foreigners to represent us.

Tracy Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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