<Credits: Ryan Lee>

Responding to a video of Pokemon GO players recklessly crossing a busy road in Hougang in search for a rare Pokemon, this was what netizen Ryan Lee had to say. He questioned why despite the game having proved to cause social problems in other countries, why did Singapore not take firm action and ban the game locally. 

"This is a damn good reason why this game should be banned! When the game players give no regards to the safety of others around them they should not have the rights to play any games like this since they have no self-control!

This is the reason why LKY says Singaporeans are daft.. i was hoping some cars would run them over but too bad they stopped for this bunch of stupid people. it has already been proven this game causes social problems in so many country, dun understand why is it still not banned.

i guess money is more important as it generates huge income for data usage and everything else is just collateral damage. When the so called small number in ur community is already causing so much problems such as walking into the path of cars, i cant imagine what kind of havoc they can create when half of ur community come out in full force chasing a stupid graphic projection.

When people like them walks onto the road and gets knock down the person that gets the blame is that innocent driver who might be depending on his licence to earn a living."


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