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In Singapore, 50 years old already can’t get a job?

I have been hunting the job one and half year, even though I have had much experience in the field. But the job agencies told me their clients (companies) only want to hire max age range 35 to 40 or younger. So once they told them is 50, I will not given an opportunity although I meet the job requirements. I do not think that companies have the right to use age ad an excuse to refuse employment. There are people who are over 50 and have excellent health, look youner than their age and can perform as well as a 30 years old.

I think there should be laws to stop this age discrimination. An older person does no make her/him an inefficient worker. For those in charge to hire staffs, eventually when you reach 50 years old and the society tells you that you are not wanted, how would you feel?

A.S.S Contributor

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