Dear Media Editors,

Since from April 2011. STOMP dare not post my son’s accident case until today 12 august 2016 ( 6yrs) ago..Traffic police had put the fatal witness signboard on the wrong place a miles away without notice they had put it wrongly. I’m the father of the deceased stanley seah in the fatal accident on the 12 april 2011.

Would liked the Traffic police to explain to the netizens. After being imform to TP wrong accident place display witness sign board to the traffic police, a week later after the funeral then the TP put the signboard on the correct premises.

How r we going to get the witness from the first week of the accident occurred on that first fews day. Had written email to mha, traffic p, stomp , tnp and relevant gov dept till today no answer. Only traffic police stated sorry for the witness signboard and say that taxi driver got witness passenger..

I hoped the authority can investigate y the taxi driver’s not been charged for rash act for causing Death to my son in an accident.

Johnnie Seah
A.S.S. Contributor

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