Dear Editors,

I wish to highlight the plight of an old lady working in a coffee shop at Blk 444, Pasir Ris Drive 6.

I have seen this old lady for a couple of times while having my meals there. I think she is about 70+ or 80 years old? Her main duties are clearing dishes and apparently she’s working from 10am to 10pm almost daily. Fyi, she is the ONLY ONE clearing all the tables in that coffee shop. It isn’t a small scale coffee shop by the way, it’s considered large by Singapore’s standard.

I took the initiative to ask another staff of the coffeshop as to why is she the only one clearing up all the dishes. Isn’t it a little too much to only have 1 person clearing all the dishes in such a big and busy coffeshop? Her answer was “The boss will skimp on whatever expenses he can. “能省的就省”

I understand the economy is bad and everyone would want to save on costs but isn’t it a bit too much to save on manpower and work the old lady like that? I don’t know what other channels I can voice this to though. Maybe readers of ASS can advise?

Pasir Ris Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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