Dear A.S.S,

With all due respect for ASS’s celebration of freedom of speech, I, a student of Kent ridge hall, do not request for you to take down any article or practice any censorship. I will instead present you another side to Kent Ridge Hall’s dating game.

With the huge number of complaints and pleas for the article to be taken down ASS has received, there has to be a strong enough reason — and that is, the article posted on 06/08/2016, titled ‘EXPOSED: NUS KENT RIDGE HALL PLAYING SEXUALISED DATING GAMES’ was greatly ill-representative of our experiences with Kent Ridge Hall Dating Game.

To give you readers some context, Kent Ridge Hall Dating game, affectionately known to kent ridgeans by the acronym KRDG (which also is our hashtag on instagram- you can go check it out to see the myriad of beautiful door decorations over the years), is a game played over a month, after the freshmen welcome orientation camp. What happens is that each freshman will get to “chase” a senior to get him or her to say Yes for “date night”. “Date night” is a night organized by the Freshmen Welcome Orientation Committee, a committee in Kent Ridge Hall which puts in a lot of effort to make sure freshmen integrate well into the KR community. On “date night”, the whole hall will go out together for a movie night, with each freshman going along with their senior dates. Each pair will also dress up in sync, according to the theme. It’s always a fun night out for the entire hall.

Leading up to “date night”, freshmen will “chase” seniors through kind acts like giving of welfare packs, decorating of doors, decorating of rooms, songs or dance dedications during communal meal times. Seniors are encouraged to reciprocate these kind acts, and they often do. 🙂 I would like to add that KRDG really does bring people together and forge friendships, and not just between the freshman and senior. Often, people gather to help their friend decorate their “date’s” door and it really is a good, heartening experience.

I, having been through KRDG as both a freshman and a senior, genuinely feel that KRDG is a wholesome, and I would say spirited (with the displays of talent and many kind acts I have witnessed) game aimed to promote closer bonds between the incoming freshmen and seniors in hall. To say it has been sexualized is greatly ill-representative of majority of our experiences.

Therefore, the reason why there has been a surge of pleas to take the article down is not because we support censorship, want to stamp out freedom of speech or because we are ashamed of KRDG. It is because we feel unfair- that a game which has been played over the years, a game which has forged so many good friendships for us, a game which has brought so many people together, was painted in such a tainted and distasteful light.

Thank you for reading my side of the story, and have a nice day 🙂

p/s I would like to remain anonymous- and I hope you, editor of ASS, respect my decision to. Also, if you wish to publish an article on this other side of krdg, i wish for my article to be in its raw form just the way I have emailed you. Thank you very much. 🙂

Best regards and with all due respect,
A.S.S Contributor

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