Dear Editors,

What a way to start the public holiday! Went to Mr Prata at Bedok Reservoir. It was about 640am. There were like a guy reading his newspaper and another table of a group of Chinese aunties. Take note all of them are having either coffee or tea.

I saw this bald indian worker in the shop and politely ask him can I order prata and a cup of tea. He brushed me aside and said curtly 7 oclock. So I chose a seat and sat down. I suddenly saw this Chinese aunt signalling to him for 2 drinks and he served them.

So I got up and asked him can I get a drink. He said no. I said but those aunties got a drink so does everyone. He said no you 7am. So I sat again. Came another group of guys and they too were served drinks.

So I asked him again can I have a drink? He said no? I said why. He started his rant like I’m his wife from India what did I tell you why you dont understand 7 am??? Then I ask why the rest can have a drink?? Not sure what is his problem but he is a disgrace!!!!

A.S.S. Contributor

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