A 47-year-old Singaporean man had tried to make withdrawals in Genting with a card issued by a Malaysian bank.

Mr Goh had tried to withdraw 1000 ringgit over the ATM.

The ATM machine printed a receipt saying that he could not make a withdrawal. Mr Goh thought there was a problem with a machine so he stopped after trying 3 more times.

However, when Mr Goh returned to Singapore, he received a SMS from his bank saying that his withdrawal transactions were successful. On top of the withdrawal amount, he now owed the bank SGD $2210, inclusive of the service fees.

Mr Goh was surprised that he was liable for the charges as the transactions did not go through. He spoke to officers from the Malaysian bank where he got his card from but the bank did not attempt to resolve the issue.

After speaking to the officers more than 10 times, Mr Goh approached CASE for their assistance. He was worried that he would continue to incur interest with the supposed charge.

With CASE’s intervention, the case was settled in 2 weeks and the bank scrapped the demand for the payment.

Mr Goh has since terminated his card with the bank.

He wared that this could happen to anyone and those affected should seek help immediately.

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