Dear Editors,

I hate my now ex-boyfriend, he has no respect for me as his girlfriend. Ever since that demonic game Pokemon GO released in Singapore on Saturday morning, he has been glued to his phone non-stop. Everywhere we went, he just kept holding his stupid phone and flicked his screen catching his imaginary pokefriends.

I am real and beside him but he chooses to pay attention to virtual pets instead. Before this stupid game came out, he used to carry my handbag for me, carry my shopping bags for me but now he is a totally different person. When I told him to carry things for me, he dared to talk back to me, telling me to give him some space. the audacity of him! I was so angry I broke up with him and stomped off. That asshole did not even chase after me……

He is no longer the attentive man I liked. I hate this game, and I hate my useless boyfriend. what’s so good about this dumb game anyway. I can’t wait for him to beg at my doorstep when he wakes up from this game.

A.S.S. Contributor

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