Dear Editors,

So finally I quit my job as a taxi driver at ComfortDelGro. Went on as a Uber driver, my life was totally changed !!! Need not be embarrass being a taxi driver with low pay , driving the taxi itself is very xia suay and further more the rental is a big bull shit. With that kind of money paid to ComfortDelGro, I can now rent luxury vehicle like BMW 5 Series , Audi A6 , Mercs C Class … Those cars I dare not even look during driving taxi..

Now I can finally touch them … Parking them at my house carpark give me a sense of ownership , as if I owned them and neighbours no longer look down on me as a taxi driver. They even started to greet me , because I drive better car than them. When they ask me what I am doing now , I just reply them , “do sales lor” “oil sector” those common lies your friends will make to let you see them up up. I really made the best choice in my life by quitting being a taxi driver.

So now, I can even earn more than lawyers , doctors & even scammer with the help of Uber. Which profession can let you earn at least a $2K besides being a prostitute in one week? Now I can sit the same level as doctor, lawyer and even professor as I earn more than them ! Finally I have become very successful in life. I no longer have to live in HDB rental flats and stay with my ugly wife. I can choose a pretty girl to live with me the next chapter of my story.

Really regretted driving Comfort taxi for the past decade !!! You cheat us!!! Let us bear the shame and little profit by driving your taxi !!! And you continue to expanse your Taxi business !!!

Thank you Uber ! Guys this is your only chance to be successful. Thank you ALLAH !!!

Mohd Morgan
A.S.S. Contributor

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