Dear A.S.S,

Firstly I would like to highly compliments to a group of 7 Certis Cisco APOs and traffic controllers lead by Sergeant Sainee who were deployed at the junction of Race Course Road and Kerbau Road for their high alertness.

At about 2330, a lorry YL 7927 X was seen driving in a extreme speed against the traffic flow along Chander Road but luckily due to those APOs and Traffic Controllers who were deployed there, the errant foreign driver was apprehended on the spot.

Secondly, I would like to compliment SSGT Nizam for his fast support to the Certis Cisco team.

But sad thing is that I and several Residents have been sending feedback to Traffic Police and LTA pertaining to the traffic conditions over at this area but somehow things are still very stagnant. Tonight’s case is a live case that such cases are always happening in Little India every now and then. We have been in constant contact with Traffic Police and LTA since 8/3/2016. From March til the recent meet up with Traffic Police on the 25/06/2016, there are still no concrete actions taken to improve the conditions in this area.

We Residents understand that concrete actions and plans would not take place overnight but we do hope that the relevant authorities escalate improving the traffic conditions in this area to top priority because we have school excursions taking place in Little India everyday and tourists visiting this area everyday too. We also have extreme heavy traffic human flows especially on Sundays and Public Holidays. We do not wish to witness another fatal accident that might lead another Little India Rioting because we already have a date to remember already and that is 08 Dec 2013 and we would not like to have all these bad memories etch on our minds coming back to haunt us with another fetal accident. I think people who have a clear mind state will agree that prevention is better than crying over spilled milk. So we Residents hope we are able to work hand in hand with Traffic Police and LTA or other inter agencies to make Little India a safer and better place to stay.

Kelvin Lim
A.S.S Contributor

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