Dear A.S.S,

Have you ever been approached by Taiwanese bridal shoot companies? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and annoyed by their hard sell tactics? THE FELINE BRIDAL takes a step further and crosses the line.

What made their salesperson approach two people of the opposite gender with absolutely no body contact and try to sell them a bridal package? What gave the salesperson the audacity to question the genuinity of my statement when he was corrected of his assumption?

My friend and I walked into jcube last evening, once on the escalator, one of your salesperson came up to us with a brochure, a smile and asked us in Mandarin, “are up guys a couple?”. I politely told him that we’re not, and was incredulous when he had the audacity to ask, “really?”.

Annoyed, I told him that I only need to say it once, questioning us will not miraculously make my friend and I a couple. He then raised his voice, commenting on how rude I was and how he’s just doing his job, and even asked my friend whether I was in a foul mood.

We ignored him and walked away. When we saw him again, he came over and asked me why I’m smiling now when I wasnt smiling when he was talking to me.

Seriously? Is this how unprofessionally your salespeople are trained? To hard sell and to harass people who aren’t interested in your products? I will strongly discourage friends to sign up with a company that blatantly shows disregard to basic courtesy.

A.S.S Contributor

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