I strongly believe Singapore will never ban Pokemon Go because…. The reasons are very very simple. It’s basic economic, profit vs loss.

Shopping centers, sentosa, casinos, tourist landmarks, historical landmarks, parks, and more will encounter 24/7 influx of pokemon trainers. These trainers do not just catch pokemons but they eat, shop & buy stuff they don’t need along the way.

This will be an economic boom for every business that depends on walking traffics at all hours of the day. New business can be set up to handle these potential customers!

Instead of resting at home at weekends watching tv, more families will go out and join many others for a fun filled day out doors! Cohesion between the population will be so much better with the same topic to make new friends & enjoy with our neighbours & more!

This government are smart enough to understand the demand just like PEV (personal electric vehicle) and will make the right decisions to allow Pokemon go with simple advices to help people to play responsibly and safely.

TLDR : It will not happen, it’s $$$ for Singapore.

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