Dear Editors,

NUS Kent Ridge Hall dating game was a game meant for freshmen to get to know their seniors better. However, the game is becoming more and more sexualized, and the organisers forcing everyone to take part in it.

Performances like pole dancing (with someone of the opposite sex as the “pole”), stripping of the guys’ clothes, are making people especially girls and those who come from a more traditional family or are more introverted and shy, very uncomfortable.

However, the organisers are encouraging such activities, by urging for more of such performances. Moreover, the freshmen would have to decorate the room of the senior they want to date, and as can be seen in the picture, that is a norm.

Decorating a room depicting sperms and ovaries, is that what NUS students are like nowadays? What’s more surprising is that the people in charge of the hall are okay with such things going on under their noses? Is this the typeof student behaviour NUS/Kent Ridge Hall accepts?

Is this the type of game a hall should be playing? Is this the type of people that are gonna lead us in the future?

Alfred Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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