I know this is probably not going to land well with some – coz I understand we are ALL facing tough times… But this is what entitlement sounds like.

“Joe Augustin was responding to this diploma holder’s account of an e2i job fair” (

We all do things we don’t want to do on the way on the journey to success. My first job was cleaning rooms in a hotel (I don’t even clean MY OWN room). My second was fixing electronic bug killers (my work still destroys mosquitos and untold populations of insects around the globe). Those jobs allowed me to afford studying at the Melbourne Radio School.

And that led to other things… Including several stretches of doing stuff I didn’t like to do. Stupid bosses?? Get used to it – statistically, they’re more likely than great ones. Tough customers?? They pay your bills. And rules at work? You can make the rules when you set up your own business.

And what about the diploma?? It’s what you DO with the knowledge and skill you gained that counts. It is not a title deed.

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