Ok guys. Our Buddhist/Taoist/Chinese brothers and sisters have started praying for their hungry ghost month. Please tolerate with their burning of offerings. How many days only what??!!

If the bins are near to those living in lower floors like mine, try asking them nicely to move it to a further location. If they decline, find other means to combat with the smoke and soot. Close your windows. Blast your fans. Don’t complain but find a solution.

If there’s a getai show, enjoy the entertainment. Start a mosh pit or something. Another excuse for you to leave the house and jalan2.

If need be to call the police, do it in a civilised manner. The men in blue have much bigger problems to attend to. And please don’t bitch about it in social media. If I see any, I won’t hesitate to block you unless you owe me money lah. That one must settle ah. Then I’ll block you.

Love begets love. Respect begets respect.

“Allah does not forbid you to be just and righteous towards those who did not go into battle against you (over matters of faith), and did not expel you from your homes. Deal with them justly. Allah loves those who are just.” The Holy Quran, Chapter 60, Verse 8.

Wallahualam bisawab.

*This thread is non-debatable. If your comments deemed unsuitable in my views then gua akan delete sama dia. You feel me?

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