Dear A.S.S,

During the fasting period urgently needed a van for a month to transport cooked food from point a to point b and was looking through online ads for vehicle availability and price.

While many were pricey and looking at long term rentals finally 1 company called me back after initially saying they are not looking for short term rentals. The price was very low too at $900. The market rate was from $1200 to $1500. The company is owned by an indian called Evershine kumar services. The phone conversation n sms went well stating a 1 month deposit n 1 month rent in advance. The clerk msg me saying van in good condition with newly changed engine n gearbox. I didn’t need a fantastic van as it was going to be a point a to point b trip. I needed it urgently so i immediately went to their office to rent the van.

Hurriedly signed the contract paid the money after a brief inspection i took off to carry on my job. She stated except for accident everything major is covered by the company. I took the van at 2pm on 7th july. The next day after collecting my items on my way to my destination the van stalled in the middle of the flyover from pie to bke at an extremely dangerous spot. Many near misses by big trailers and other vehicles happened during the time i waited for the tow truck. After towing to the nearest carpark the owner came n told me vehicle stalled due to overheating. I told I have driven a very short distance with very little load for it to overheat n stall. He got angry n questioned if i was a foreigner. This really pissed me off as I have rented from many companies and each time there was a problem they came with a replacement vehicle n replaced me a vehicle asap. This guy told me he needs to tow to his workshop n get back to me. I had driven only a total of 120km for 24hrs and the vehicle stalled.

In anger he told me to come the next day n collect my money n scolded his clerk for renting vehicle to people like. 2hrs later the clerk called n blasted me saying i didn’t check water level n caused the engine to spoil and even questioned my knowledge on vehicle maintenance. She told me i have to pay $3700 for a new engine or face a legal suit from them. I tried to negotiate in the most peaceful way i could then abt an 1hr later she called again n said i pay half is enough n they will give me a replacement vehicle immediately n 2 days later give me the same van after replacing the engine. I refused to pay n asked for the rental agreement which she refused to give n told me to face the lawsuit. 2 months already they stop answering my calls/sms n no legal letter from them also. I have tried many ways to recover the money but for commercial vehicle there is nothing much anyone can help except a civil suit. Case n small claims dont do commercial vehicle and police can’t do anything n my only option is to send them a legal notice which might cost me more than what they owe me.

My only option is to use social media to shame this nonsense business owner n bring to light to warn others. Hopefully others dont fall into his trap. He must have been doing this many times already thats y he knows i can’t do much. His
company doing multiple services i hope everyone can boycott this scumbag.

A.S.S Contributor

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