Went to the police post yesterday to update my residential address. AVA texted me the next morning to inform me to that my golden retriever is a not allowed in my flat. Had to write an appeal. I think it’s high time they review the policy for dog owners who have a golden retriever before they move to a HDB.
Hello AVA,

I have been advised through sms from AVA to clarify if I will be bringing my dog (Coco), a golden retriever with me when I downsize to a HDB flat .

Coco is a 10 year old retriever. She has been with me since she is 6 months old. She doesn’t bark at strangers, in fact my mother is worried she is too friendly; to the point she might play with a burglar if there is one. She only barks on command. She also follow commands to sit, follow, lie down and even “shake hands”. She even knows how to play dead when I point finger at her and go “bang”.

She did not choose to go to a HDB flat. Her owner had to because the it is too expensive for him to own a landed property. The country is getting crowded, and less tolerant.

Going ahead, Coco will follow. If not, given she is 10 years old and will likely not be adopted. We all know, if she is given to a animal shelter, she will be put down if no one adopts her in a certain time frame. So it has now come to a life and death decision for Coco.

I have served dutifully during my National service years, and pay my taxes on time – all to defend and support the lifestyle I know with my beloved Dog.

Yes, I want to bring Coco along.

For your approval please.

If not, do I have other options ?

PS – Coco has been putting up my current neighbor’s crying newborn for years. All she did was to heave and go back to sleep.

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