my kid brother is about to start his second year at NUS. i wasnt pleased to hear that some kids in NUS attire have been verbally harassed by some members of the public. so much so that a message went out for students to take note, and not wear NUS attire if they arent comfortable.

note that its *some* kids, not *all*. and its *some* members of the public, not *all*.

some of the (dis)orientation activities were stupid and wrong. and if I read Min OYK’s post correctly, he said to “foreswear” the bad bits, not the whole orientation week. a lot of effort and students’ own money has gone into planning and prepping the activities. a blanket ban also cuts out planned games like “the price is right” – where a freshie can win a mini dorm fridge for… guessing its price (别想歪). so some games should be ok, some aren’t.

we aren’t a binary society, are we? we can differentiate between some and all. some kids do stupid things, just as some adults also do stupid things. don’t think stupidity is correlated with age.

anyway, this tuesday is the annual NUS flag day, where thousands of students will fan out across the country with little tin cans to collect your loose change in return for a little sticker. last year they raised $451,120 for 19 charities/beneficiaries. this year there will be 22.

and yes, they’ll be wearing NUS shirts.

we are not a society that eats our young. so on Tuesday, if I see a kid with a tin standing in the sun somewhere, i’ll plonk in some coins and take a sticker. but just some of my coins lah, not all. sekali later run into another one

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