Dear A.S.S,

On 31/07/2016 I went to Giant outlet at Bangkit road , I bought a bottle of salad dressing , due to that moment I was paying the money at the counter, I saw the salad just beside me on the shelf, I just took one without looking at it more to see the he expire date, then when I reach home after eating that salad my wife found that the salad already expired on 06/07/2016 and already almost a month.

At eight plus evening on that day, I brought the expired product back to Giant outlet, cause I’m afraid after I consumed whether anything will happen to my family and me,and also try to stop them selling it anymore,so when I reach there I ask the counter staff I wish to talk to you the manager.

Meanwhile I looking at the salad dressing with the same brand I bought, some not expire but some yes, so I use my mobile phone to snap the picture at the expired bottle, then a guy came out ask me what is the matter? I told him what happen and he just took the salad dressing from me and try to took away the rest expired bottle , then I told him I already took the photo shot on those. He just keep quiet , then I ask him how ? Instead of asking him whether did I eat it or want get refund or exchange the item, he just ask me to come back tomorrow but don’t know for what reason.

If you wish to know moe you can contact me.

Johnny Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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