Dear A.S.S,

I’ve sign up for the new service provider called Circle Life on 28July, and on the 29July i’ve start using and they send me a text message saying i’ve use up my data usage and they boost 100MB for me.. I was like why do u need to boost for me when i have 4GB of data?

I went to the live chat and ask them, they told me that they didn’t see any boosting of my data, after which i show them the message and the invoice bill, after that they told me its an system error. Then i request they ask their supervisor to call me regarding this matters, they say i’m not fit enough to speak to their supervisor. Really bad service and attitude. They deduct money from your account and then they send u the bill, then u can’t do anything, LL suck thumb. At last i’m very angry and told them that i wanna cancel the dam freaking line, then they say they offer me 2GB free data and ask me to think about it. I quickly rejected it, if you want to do business then do a proper business, don’t fuck it up. Gold Diggers Providers!

Richard Cheong
A.S.S Contributor

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