To All Singapore Stuff,

I read with dismay that another S’porean man has been arrested for professing his support for ISIS terrorist group. I believe this to be unjust and unfair. The Internal Security Act (ISA) used to arrest Zulfikar is an archaic law which is undemocratic and should be abolished!

Under the law, Mr Zulfikar Shariff has not commited a single crime! Did he hurt someone? Did he work for the terrorist group? Did he go overseas and fight with the terror groups? No! No! No! What are they guilty of then? For thinking and saying that they support? Is freedom of speech dead in this country?

Same thing applies to the other Muslims brothers who have been unfairly arrested under this ISA for being in Jemaah Islamiyah, why are they not given a fair trial in open court? What is the Government afraid of the people knowing? What is the Government hiding from us? Is there a conspiracy?

If there was no physical harm or damage people, what is the justification for arresting Mr Zulfikar and others like him? This is unfair and injustice to him and his family. His reputation and his whole family life has been destroyed because of this terrible injustice by the PAP.

Do the right thing and abolish the ISA, free all those unfairly arrested by this unjust law and allow them to defend themselves with a lawyer. Free Zulfikar Shariff now! He has committed no crime! Shame on U PAP government!

Abdul Malik
A.S.S. Contributor

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