Dear Editors,

Regarding the recent incidents where Peeping Toms have been going around staring up women’s skirts, taking photos and videos as well as sharing them online, I believe that men should not be taking all the blame.

Girls nowadays are dressing in increasingly provocative attire, such as in the pictures I have attached here. When girls wear nearly transparent clothes, showing off their bras and thongs, or when their dresses are so short that they do not even cover their butts when standing up, are men really at fault for looking?

In such scenarios, it is inevitable for anyone to look. These skimpily-clad girls draw all the attention to themselves in public. Maybe they like attention, or they are exhibitionists. And as there is no law banning public photography, is it really a crime to take photos of girls who put everything on display in public? It’s not even taking an upskirt photo or video anymore when a girl’s skirt is so short that I can see her panty even from a standing eye-level.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were sitting on the MRT and a girl in incredibly short shorts was standing right in front of my boyfriend on a crowded evening train. Her back was facing us and she was holding on to the pole. Her butt cheeks and part of her panty were hanging out of her shorts directly in front of my boyfriend’s face! Should he be blamed for looking when girls like that invitingly expose themselves for all to see?

A.S.S. Contributor

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