Dear Editors,

A brisk walk around my Neighbourhood This morning via the Parks Connector sent unequalled shock waves down my spine as I admired the various NDP banners in my daily morning routine to be ActiveSG!

Today is MON 01 August 2016 and our 51st National Day is only 8 days away and yet Such SERIOUS mistake (2014 instead of 2016 ) has been publicly displayed outside Innova JC perhaps for nearly a MONTH!

As a 100% True Blue Singaporean, I am hopelessly appalled by such “Unpardonable” oversight when Ownself checks ownself seems to be a TOTAL myth only fools will agree to!!!

May I humbly know.. What is the authority going to do now to rectify the error?

My billion $ questions are these:-

1) How many such banners (outdated/recycled) around?Islandwide??

2) WHO bears the COST?

3) WHO is held responsible?

The irony of all ironies is this..

As a Super young nation turning 51 in 8 days’ time, if we are NOT vigilant with seemingly insignificant things like this, How are we going to be FUTURE ready?How are we heading toward SG100??

I am SPEECHLESS beyond measure NOW!

Princess Cathie
A.S.S. Contributor

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