After more than 2 years in remand, PRC former tour guide Yang Yin finally took the stand in court and rejected charges of misappropriated $1.1 million from a wealthy old widow. He insisted she gave him the million as an inheritance gift in exchange for his companionship.

Yang Yin said that Mdm Chung convinced him to leave his wife and children in China to move to Singapore to live with her as her grandson. He alleged that when he questioned if she should leave him all her money, she said: “You are my grandson. A granny gives her money to her grandson. Is there anything wrong with that?”

He replied “”I felt very lucky … I felt I should repay her well. She asked me to be by her side forever, not to leave her. I agreed”.”

Yang insisted that what he told police we untrue and this was because the old widow told him to keep his inheritance a secret in case of jealous relatives like Mdm Mok.

Yang Yin is due back in Court on Wednesday where he will face cross-examination by public prosecutors.

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