I am a resident of Holland Village, and I am writing in to share my concern
and frustration with the noise disturbance caused by SMU students at the
Holland Village carpark every year during their orientation period.

Every year during the final weekend before the new school semester starts in
August, SMU students will hold a car-wash event for two days straight (Sat
and Sun) at the Holland Village public carpark as part of the orientation
programme for the school’s freshmen. While I have no issues with these
students doing car-washes for members of the public, I am extremely irked by
the deafening noise that they create during the course of this event, which
causes grave disturbance to residents staying in the area. During the two
days of the event starting from around 10am in the morning all the way till
6pm in the evening, these students would blast loud music incessantly with
barely any interruption, with blatant and callous disregard for the fact the
carpark itself is surrounded by public housing blocks where people live. It
is disappointing that these supposedly well-educated students do not even
have the basic sense of consideration for others, or any proper
self-awareness of the effects of their actions on others, to realise that
they are causing a public nuisance and disturbing residents living in the
area who are looking forward to a proper rest during the weekend. What is
even more unpleasant is that many of these songs that they are blasting carry
sexually explicit or suggestive lyrics. Besides playing loud music non-stop
as if they are in an open-air club, these students also scream and shout
rowdily without any care for the fact that what they are doing can be heard
clearly by residents staying in the area.

It is okay to have a car-wash event as a team bonding event for freshmen, but
is there really a need to blast music over large speakers while doing so, or
to even have an “emcee” that nobody else other than the students themselves
is interested to hear what he is saying (over a blaring mike)? I believe that
SMU should work on imparting to its students some proper lessons on
consideration for others, and on the dignified conduct that its students
should carry while in public. Judging from their behaviour during these
annual car-wash events, it is evident that SMU students have neither any
consideration for others, nor the ability to conduct themselves in a
dignified manner.

I provide here a video of these students I have taken on Saturday 30 July
from my home, where a sexually suggestive song with lyrics about a girl
“standing in…underwear” can be heard playing in the background. I recorded
it off my smartphone, so it isn’t too clear, but I have to emphasise that in
reality the volume of the music being played in much louder than I have
captured on video.

Video link: https://youtu.be/oWqfR_r8kk4

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