I’m writing to express my anger with Harvey Norman. Harvey Norman is a furniture retailer, that you would know since they tend to advertise a lot. But today I’d like to warn against shopping at this retailer, for it has been all but a series of disappointment and inconvenience.

On the 6th December 2015, my family bought no less than 10k worth of furniture in anticipation for the move in to our new home. The day before the agreed delivery in Dec they notified us that the beds and dining chairs were damaged and thus unfit for delivery. Therefore, they sent our dining table (with no chairs) to our brand new house. They gave us some loan chairs (only after we asked for it, were they expecting us to stand and eat?) and received them but they were torn and in terrible condition. We decided to be gracious when they promised us delivery before Christmas. Yet, we were once again disappointed when we were notified that they ran out of stock for our dining chairs. We were upset, because if we’ve ordered the chairs months in advance, how could they not have reserve stock for us? We spent Christmas and without the chairs we ordered for, which is absolutely ridiculous, given that these were traditions that we, and I’m sure many others, have always celebrated at home in the spirit of family and feasting.

Nevertheless, we heeded their advice to go down to choose and order another dining chair design (out of no choice) and was told to wait. I asked whether it could be delivered before CNY and was reassured that they would do so. Yet, their promise turned out to be nothing but lies. They were nonchalant about our problem because it was not to their inconvenience. Furthermore, we’ve already made full payment so they had nothing to lose.

Waiting for the new chairs was, and still is, torturous. They gave us $200 compensation in vouchers. We thought the nightmare was over but to our surprise, they only delivered 4 chairs, out of the 8 we ordered. So we now have 4 dining chairs and 4 loan chairs. Different designs, still in my house today. Yes, they have yet to deliver our chairs, even up till today (26th July 2016). That’s 8 months(!!!).

It’s not only the logistics issues that sickens me, it is the fact that every touch point is severely lacking in quality. The manager whom we’ve been working with was unapologetic about the whole delay, even after what we went through (Christmas and new year in a new house without proper furniture, enduring bad behaviour by staff who by the way, because of internal conflict with his team mate, took out his tie and slammed it on the floor in front of us). He even claimed that they were making a lot of effort, and tried to make it sound as if we were too demanding and unreasonable.

We made full payment months ago and we’ve been tolerating them in the hopes of getting what we paid for. Yet, we’ve seen nothing but disappointment and utterly atrocious service. This is horrible and truly disgusting service, by a company I had thought to be trustworthy. My family and I have since brought this matter to court and guess what, the manager contacted me and asked, “Chairs or money?”. Even up till now, we have not received a single apology.

There is a serious issue with their service and logistics. Making a customer make full payment with no stock, and no intention of quality delivery, is simply outrageous. It will serve anyone well to avoid them, lest you want to go through an endless wait for your items, not to mention the tremendous time and effort wasted. They have the cheek to express that they’ve done their best. I think we have been the most patient and gracious already, but now it’s come to the point where we don’t see a point to continue this endless cycle of disappointment.

Please take a look at our current dining room, our chairs look as if they were “picked up from the garang guni man”.

*update (1st August)
Harvey Norman has finally delivered our chairs (one full set). Not our first choice but this is better than nothing! Huge thank you to those who has shown us support and concern, we sincerely hope none of this will ever happen to anyone.

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