Dear ASS,

suggestive ‘O Week Games’ prevalent in Universities in the West, sexualizes
the kinesthetic (body movements, touch) and kinesics (non-verbal cues)
between mere acquaintances of opposite gender.

Hormone raging undergrads inevitability will feel turned-on by these
activities, and was perhaps the subtle objective of these ‘Student Leaders’?
Philandering swingers/’players’ in clubs call this art of touching and
getting women ‘high’, ‘KINO’. They will observe their reactions, and adjust
the level of ‘KINO’ to apply. (Formulae: No kino=strangers, Kino=friends)

Female students may also get the wrong signal, and invite male students for
‘late-night studying in their dorms’, which may sensually escalate to ‘dry
humping’. However ‘dry humping’ and prior ‘sexual encounters’, does not
equate consent to all future sexual penetrations. This is where it becomes
tricky for horny Uni students.

Yale B-baller Sexual Misconduct
On 18 OCt 2014, Jack Montague (Yale Basketball player) allegedly raped his gf
(“Jane Roe”) despite not consenting to sexual intercourse and had
communicated this verbally. Montague claimed that they had consensual “sexual
encounters” several times before the sexual assault. Montague was promptly
expelled from Yale for sexual misconduct, and claimed that his expulsion had
ruined his “promising future”.
“Last year, a study by the Association of American Universities found that
nearly 1 in 4 undergraduate women at a large group of leading universities
said they had been sexually assaulted — and pegged Yale’s rates as higher
than the average found at the 27 colleges.”

Stanford Campus Sexual Assault
On 18 Jan 2015, Brock Turner, 19, (Stanford swimmer) raped an unconscious
female behind a dumpster. Turner claimed she agreed to “fingering” and “dry
humping”. Post examination revealed that the victim experienced “significant
trauma” (physical injury or bruising) including “penetrating trauma.” In
Turner’s defense, he cited “peer pressure” environment, and blamed campus
“drinking and promiscuity”. On 2 June 2016, Turner was sentenced to 6 months
jail, and must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, all for
“20 minutes of action” (coined by Brock’s father).

Are our local Ox-bridge Universities cultivating more egoistic ‘Montagues’
and ‘Turners’, who feel it is their alpha-male right to non-consensual sex

Annabella Chong-Suckerbeg
A.S.S. Contributor

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