What a difference a day makes…. AGO damning report one day expose of millions of tax payers money gone due to financial lapses across Ministries and Stat Boards…. sekali ISD annouce arrest lah …. Overnite headlines change….

Lets not get our eyes off the AGO Ball people!!! Accountability for public money being squandered must be demanded!!! Don’t forget how they bark like mad dogs for AHTC’s accounts, now let them be honest and bark the same for what the AGO exposed….

Mana itu woof-woof….. blum dengar leh…. sudah lari sembunyi kah???

The AGO job is to flag the financial irregularities. The onus is upon the Ministries and Stat Board flagged to come clean and explain what happened. Already we have Grace Fu trying hard to justify the gross 410K expertise NAC engaged for a Rubbish Bin design.

The root cause is about genuine check and balance, safeguards and transparency. Its a chronic reality that begins from the very top when a culture of non-transparency on public money is justified for bigger sums like our CPF, reserves, and the like.

In Parliament, MPs (especially opposition) have the privilege of demanding the Ministries to come clean on these financial lapses. Sadly the parliament is severely lopsided. Thus allowing the continuation of bad practices and lack or transparency on our public money to continue.

Ultimately, its about democracy and parliamentary representation for the people to truly be able to voice their concerns. These are severely undermined by the current GRC system which allow for systematic demographic manipulation thru redrawing boundaries justified by irrelevant basis of ensuring minority representation.

Bigger things r at stake for Spore. Singaporeans sadly r easily distracted.

Damanhuri Bin Abas

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