My friend and I were taking the train at Segar Station and we supposed to alight at Jelapang to pick up our kids from kindergarten. The train didn’t stop at all. We keep pressing the emergency button and it not working. A guy pick up the emergency phone and tried calling but also no response.

The speed of the train is really fast and passed 3 stations without stopping. That’s really scare everyone to the max especially the train moving fast. One of a lady called by using her mobile phone and then the train start to slow down.

The train stop before the platform near Phoenix Station.

Everyone were so scared especially we saw another train ahead near to Phoenix Station. We can’t imagine what will happen if we can’t get the train stop.

Now.. there are many Why in my mind!!!!!!

1. Why the emergency button is not working ????

2. Why no one notice the train moving non stop till 4th stations????

3. Why the emergency phone also not working at that moment?????

4. Why the train moving non stop with much faster speed as usual????

5. How frequent smrt check the emergency button and phone to ensure it functionality????

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