I want to share my experience.

My daughter a teacher in MOE entered after A levels. She took a Diploma in NIE n became a junior teacher. She was asked to serve 2 yrs bond.

She asked her Principle to give her opportunity to take a degree in NIE. She was recommended n given a place after 2 yrs.

She was put on unpaid leave to pursue her degree. Now she completed. MOE told my daughter shw has to serve 3 years bond and she must pay for her degree. She asked why pay n get bonded. They say it is in fine print in her original agreement n she was NOT TOLD. So she must now pay $30,000 n be bonded. I wrote to Ng Chee Meng – so called Education Minister as a Parent n he refused to answer to my official email. Then i called PSC and asked why a Minister is refusing to reply to a proper complaint by a citizen n parent. I told them I will report to DPM and PM if he refuse. He replied without answering to my questions why my daughter must serve bond n pay where else PRC kids are getting free rides.

And those pigs in MOE can tell my daughter why am I protesting as she will land in trouble. When I spoke to their HR Mgr she told me , ” Dont compare your daughter with those PRC scholars because they are ELITES “.

Fellow Singaporeans – is this fair daughter n me ? Is this a govt which cares for us ? Now they can loose millions like this. Where is justice to our children ? Education ministry is prosituting us to help foreigners Lee Hsien Loong heart only goes to foreigners interest. The system he runs wont bother our welfare. All we see is a system build by elites to serve their own interest. Stop being blind fools. Open your eyes wide n safe guard your interest. In matter of time , we locals will be fxxxed. Thanks to 69% of idiots who vote without thinking. They voted to make us second class. I stand by what I have written because I have all in writing.

Shawn Shawket
A.S.S. Contributor

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