I was out with my 8mo, my friend and her almost 2mo baby at H&M Waterway Point. My friend went on to try out some clothes while i stood aside looking after our babies, belongings and strollers.

After a while, my baby being impatient, started to fuss in her stroller and so i tried to calm/distract her.

This tanned-skin woman with tied-up curly hair stood near us and watched what’s going on. At first i thought she’s looking at some clothes behind me, but soon she striked conversation by asking how old is my baby, is a baby girl or boy, what’s my baby’s name (she tries to get my girl’s attention).

These are commonly asked questions and so i wasn’t suspicious till she asked me who’s the other baby, how old is that baby, am i alone n where’s my friend, am i staying near WWP (if not inconvenient), does my husband drives, how many people with me today etc. I ignored her and pushed 2 strollers (at the same time) away from her. Note, she was still near me waiting for my reply. I wanted to move to a spot with clear CCTV surveillance.

To my horror, she followed me and asked if i need her help and i firmly said IT’S OK, NO NEED and stood super close to our babies. She then walked away.
I shared with my friend about the ordeal and we quickly Tula (babywear) our babies and continued shopping. We then bumped into her at Cotton On. My friend and i saw that she could stand at a side randomly stares at family with child. Later, we managed to follow behind her and tried to snap photos in hope to warn others.

She could just be a crazy woman, a potential child abductor or simply a lonely person trying to befriend. But i wont know and wouldn’t want to risk.

Do stay more vigilant everyone! Watch your child(ren) closely when out and don’t reveal too much information to strangers!

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