I am dismayed by the recent arrests of the self-radicalised Singaporeans. This comes in the midst of terrorist attacks around the world, which have caused the loss of so many innocent lives.

The arrests are a stark reminder that the risks to our society are real and reflect the open and porous nature of the Internet which allows terrorist ideologies to infiltrate.

No country can also fully block the Internet and prevent what comes in. What is more important is the resilience and cohesion of the nation and our people.
Hence, quick action by citizens to report any potential threats to the authorities is critical to combat the spread of extremism.

We must remain vigilant as the war against terrorism is an ongoing global battle, and must not hesitate to condemn terrorist groups that employ violence in the name of Islam. At the same time, we must be alert to those who seemingly show support for terrorism, in whatever form. Ultimately, we should never give credence to the entire terrorist ideology.

Nevertheless, as a community, we should not feel discouraged by these incidents. Instead the Malay/Muslim community must continue to stand united with other Singaporeans to foster racial harmony and keep Singapore a safe and secure home for all.


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