The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announced on Friday that Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, a 44 year old Singaporean had been detained and arrested for terrorism-related activities and for contributing to the radicalization of 2 other Singaporean men namely, Muhammad Shamin Mohamed Sidik who was previously detained and Mohamed Saiddhin Abdullah who was issued a Restriction Order in July.

33 year old businessman Mohamed Saiddhin Abdullah identified Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff as the person who influenced him to support the Islamic State terror group. MHA said “Saiddhin had looked up to Zulfikar and followed his postings, he was convinced by Zulfikar’s positive portrayal of ISIS and later started reposting Zulfikar’s postings on ISIS as a form of jihad, emulating Zulfikar.”

Saiddhin had emulated Zulfikar and photographed himself standing in front of an Islamic State flag and shared these images online to show his solidarity with militants fighting in Syria and Iraq.

Separately, MHA also detained a 17 year old Singaporean madrasah student who became radicalised after viewing pro-ISIS videos, websites and social media material.

MHA stated: ““He became convinced that ISIS’ violent actions were justified and harboured the intention to fight for ISIS in Syria in the future where he was prepared to die a martyr.”

Another 27 year old Singaporean, Muhammad Fadil Abdul Hamid was re-detained under the ISA after he became attracted to radical online material again and wanted to join a terrorist group to engage in armed violence in Syria. He believed that fighting in Syria was justifiable jihad and felt that militant jihad was the easiest way to martyrdom.

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