I think we need to get something clear with this whole FOC thing. I havent spoken up because I thought the public/non-nus people would actually be intelligent. Well clearly not.

There is a difference between having sexual elements in cheers and advocating rape? Physical contact games should be a NORM. You nerds need to boom the bloody baby population, well for a start you need to even know how to approach a lady or a gentlemen. I’m not even talking about pushups on one another. I’m talking about a piggyback, A BLOODY PIGGYBACK IS BAN.

Touch your bloody heart and tell me any of these cheers explicitly encourage rape? Dont tell me as a kid you didnt say “I kill you ah! and your parents laugh it off or even I dont friend you ah”

And seriously stop with the whole self-justification just because you nerds didnt enjoy the camps. There is a reason why these camps are always on demand.
And to NUS students, I believe there is a proper channel and you guys have no idea the repercussions of a small action could cause a ripple effect. We can effectively say goodbye to FOCs, because no one wants to do it anymore. Do it for free and voluntarily and risk getting haunted by the media and public. For what?

As for sponsors? Trust me, sponsors would continue rolling in, the lack of support of one sponsor over such a trivial matter would only invite more mature sponsors to take this new publicity. Marketing 101.

And to Non-NUS people/alumni, stay out of our stuff pls.

People need to learn that chain of command exists of a reason and the slippery slope of ripple effect because of one nerd’s action.

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