One poor student got mistaken for a suspicious person and caused the police to go on a manhunt because a neighbor reported him to the police.

Read the account below.

Dear SPF…

The story goes when my neighbor’s wife got a fright of her life at home and her husband made a call to 999. Fearing that an intruder might be forcing his way into their house.

When my kids got home, they told me that they saw police at our void deck. Something must have happened, I thought. Moments later, an officer was at my doorstep asking if I had seen a man loitering around. He showed me a cctv photo of the suspect!

I was surprised to see my daughter’s classmate! He has been in my house the whole morning!

“What did you do?? ” I asked him… And he admitted to knocking on the wrong door when he arrived.

Long story cut short… It was an unfortunate misunderstanding and there was no bugler.

BUT…. What we learn from this incident… The response to this crisis was swift and police presence at the scene, canvassing the area was reassuring. And all those cctv cameras that we thought was an overkill, is a great investment. The picture was very clear and the person they were looking for was easily identifiable.

My ever grateful gratitude to you all, hardworking, dedicated and professional defender of our homes. Thank you.

So sorry that this misunderstanding has given my lovely neighbor a fright and have taken up so much time of our servicemen and women. On behalf of my kids and their friends, our sincere apologies.

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