On Sunday 24 July 2016, a cat was spotted at Blk 4 Jalan Minyak with cable tie tied around its testicles. The cat has been brought to the vet and is being cared for by the Cat Welfare Society.

The SPCA is urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call our 24 hour hotline at 62875355, or email [email protected] Information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who is found guilty of cruelty to animals, including abandonment of any animal can be imprisoned for up to 18 months, fined up to $15,000, or both.

The Cat Welfare Society announced the chronology of events on its Facebook page

“A resident reported that they found this cat with its testicles “cable tied” 2 days ago. Volunteers have been on the scene to look for the cat but to no avail. A caregiver has found that this cat has been abandoned only recently on the 11th floor and has been roaming the corridors since. AVA has also been down but went away without leads. Without the narrowing of the time window, there is some resistance to access to the CCTV.

Our CEO Pauline was there with volunteers and they were so heartened to see the block residents all came out in force to look for the cat! In the end they found the poor thing huddled behind a cupboard. He doesn’t smell good but he still has bright eyes. Fingers crossed and we will keep everyone posted tomorrow on his diagnosis. Hang in there buddy!!

Now what we hope for is an intensive investigation to find out who did this. They must be brought to justice!”

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