Dear Editors,

I would like to share my experience with Singaporeans about Heng Keong Enterprises. They are contractors that do painting, renovation etc. I was considering to have this company handle a project for my company. This is what happened.

I called their office number at @6362 3976 on Monday 25th of July 2016 and was told to email them to request for a quotation. I sent an email and awaited their reply. On Tuesday, I sent another email again and gave them a call and was told they will check on it. Till Thursday there was no reply so I called up the same number again. Was picked up by a staff that didn’t speak any English but spoke in a local accent in Mandarin. I asked a colleague to help me translate and the reply we got was ” I dunno, i dunno, i dunno” and she hung up the phone.

Called up 9795 XXXX to give a feedback on their staff’s attitude and was asked “Is that my problem? Are you calling to complain?” When I told him that I received no reply for my request of quotation, he said “We are not free to entertain you.” Good luck working with this company where the staff are so fucked up they don’t even have a basic courtesy to explain properly. I don’t even expect an apology but I definitely don’t expect someone to tell me “Is that my problem?”.

To whoever is holding the handphone number stated above, if you’re making money from the company that you are listed under, YES it IS your fucking problem. My company and all our affiliates will no longer patronize this establishment. Please share this experience with others so that they don’t receive the same treatment from this company. A company that talks to and treats customers like that does not deserve to stay in business.

Pissed Off Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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