Dear ASS Editors,

The “orientation” programs in NUS comes very close to a sex orgy session. After reading the so-called”rules and guidelines” set by NUS for these orientation camp programs, it is clear that 50% of all the “do’s and don’t” were violated. To think that this has been going on for the last ten years is unbelievable! Whoever is in charge of approving should be hardly reprimanded if not discharged from such responsibility.

Such sexual “games” are clearly planned by camp leaders who are male, taking this opportunity to work out their sexual angst. This also lay the foundation of future social sex offenders.

The female freshmen is guilty by participating and by doing so allow this “legacy” to continue for over ten years. I hope this is the end of such activities. NUS must be actively involved in future orientation camp programs to enforce their “do’s and don’t” guidelines.

To think that a prestigious university like NUS is culprit to allow such activities to happen is shocking and shameful.

Silent Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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