Dear ASS Editors,

I received this video yesterday, after the NUS orientation games saga erupted. These activities took place on the afternoon of 27/7/2016. From what I know, NUS had already said that they will investigate, take "strong disciplinary action" and "NUS staff will be at camps throughout" so I can't understand why this is still happening?????

Are they trying to say that the staff they have deployed on the camp ground condone this behaviour? The way they dunk campers in a green algae pond, 4 guys holding a girl's limbs in such an offensive manner and half-naked male students spewing expletives while crawling on the floor.

From what I heard from a current student in NUS who had previously gone through such a camp, the freshmen were instructed by camp leaders "not to record these activities on camera" or if they wanted to do so, "do not post on social media". I question if NUS actually takes a serious stance against this issue, or are they just adopting the same approach of giving template statements to the media as was done for the past decade as was reported by media.

It is disgraceful that a seemingly prestigious university is producing and culturing students of such calibre. I believe all freshmen are of the age to think logically and make sound decisions for themselves, especially when it comes to affairs of dignity. If they don't have the courage to protect their own dignity, no one else can help them.

We public can only condemn such behaviours and decide not to send our kids to such an unhealthy environment but ultimately it is up to the freshmen to weigh the pros and cons, whether it is worth it to surrender under peer pressure to commit such disgusting acts.

Anonymous NUS Whistleblower

A.S.S. Contributor


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