(The unique door pte ltd) Worse company I ever encounter, brought the sliding door in june 2016 at singapore expo exhibition and till date the door is still not fix up yet. The sales person keep say will be fair to both parties.

They took few week to measure and over charged us. The measurement also not right as the door does not fit.(this word came from the person that fixed the door). They have to remove it back and we need to wait for another few weeks before they can fix the door second time. But this time they measure the door too short leaving a gap on between the door and top wall.

Their staff can even come up to our flat without informing us and insisted that they have informed us. 3rd time fixing the door today. Received a text from them and I revert back to them on the same day afternoon informing them that they can come up to fix before 1pm. Endup they did not came and also never inform us till I drop them a text then they reply saying 3-4pm is it alright for me. Now I will wait and see if they come up by 4pm to fix the door.

They also stated that they will refund us the overcharged amount since few week ago but we have not received the cheque. I would not recommend you engaged their service but the choice is yours.


A.S.S. Contributor

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