Dear A.S.S,

I really do hope you will take your time to read this message.

I am one of the many who worked for the Hello Kitty event job which taken place last month from 9th – 22nd June (13 days including the training).

We signed an independent contract with middle person, HR Ecology to work for Mighty Eight who hosted the event. The boss of Mighty Eight is Mr Jacky Teo Choon Leng.

Staff were promised their pay (ranging from $800 – $1,200) by 22 July as per contract however, up till today, they have received nothing.

I really hope you can help us with this situation as we feel helpless. Some of us have made police reports and even went to MOM for advice.

There is an estimated number of 70 staff (comprising of a large number of students) who have been taken advantaged of and treated unjustly.

A few of the staff went down to Mighty Eight’s office, hoping to get answers from the boss pertaining to the delay and payment of service fee. However, the office was apparently vacant. Mr Jacky Teo failed to answer calls and on 23 July, we were informed by the agent company (HR Ecology) that Mighty Eight was having a warehouse sale at their warehouse. Some of us went down to talk to Mr Jacky and were informed that he was in debt and he did not give us an answer regarding when we would be paid.

Also, it seems that the middle person HR Ecology is not helping us too.

We discovered recently that MOM would not help us since it’s an independent contract.

We have run out of options and hope that you will help us out and share this to public at the same time.

More details can be found in this post:

Nana Goh
A.S.S Contributor

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