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This is a shout out to all muslims in Singapore to always look for the MUIS halal certification sign before patronizing a stall. The are a slew of fake certification tactics employed by non-halal businesses to attract Muslim customers even though they are not halal. They will use unsuspecting Malay aunties or makciks to cook and sell foodstuff to attract customers

This is the kind of tactic employed by such businesses.

1) Use Malay aunties or makciks to cook and sell foodstuff to attract customers

2) Malay customers will surely buy because of the makciks

3) No need for MUIS halal certification anymore

A curious customer did more probing and was shocked to find out that such unspoken tactics were used to lure muslim customers.

Nor Azhar related in his Facebook post:

“As salam smua, just dis morning pat woodlands temporary bus interchange, I’ve been observing the Woodlands Food Shop for a few weeks which use to be Ananas. Many muslim customers wearing tudung buy food from there. And the original muslim workers of Ananas are still there too.

So I thought maybe a muslim owner had taken over. So I talk to da makcik tudung yg serving da food. “As salam cik, kedai ni owner is a muslim ke?”. N she said,” no, owner cina tapi masak smua kita yg masak”. And I ask her,” halal cert dia mana?”. Then she said,” owner memang tak apply cert pasal yg masak n uruskan smua org islam.”

Hhhhhmmmm…….it looks like MUIS is loosing respect from these non-muslims owners by employing makciks aje. Halal cert is oso not needed coz these clever non muslim owners oredy win the muslim customers by having those makciks.

That’s all. Thank you.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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