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I would like to share this article to the public to commend this NSF for his graciousness despite in desperation. Sorry that I couldn’t get his name and take a picture of it.

I was using the toilet at Joo Koon MRT at around 5.45pm today, as I was washing my hands, there was a long snaking queue outside the toilet. Then, two chinese boys, whom were in their civilian attire rushed into the toilet, one of them was carrying a green camouflage army bag and was gripping his backside, I could tell that he was in an “emergency” state.

However, due to the snaking queue, they decided not to wait and walk out in front of me. The guy continue gripping his backside a little and told his friend that he would require a seat once onboard the train so that he would be able to hold his nature’s call for another hour’s journey to Ang Mo Kio. The train was here when we got up and there were two seats, the boy took one and I took the other, we were sitting next to each other. He sighed in relief.

Upon seeing his desperation state, I told him that if there is a need to give up seat, i will do so as if he soils his underpants, it wouldn’t be a pleasant sight. He told me that its alright and he have experienced such things before and he is a 3rd sergeant and wouldn’t mind giving up his seat should the need arise, he said that as a trained soldier, he have to endure and also if he were to fight a war and its of desperate need, he would just do it in his underwear as no one would be able to clear it comfortably in the toilet. At that time, no one would bother if one soiled his pants or not. I was so touched by what he said and insisted that he remains seated. He looks were getting more and more in discomfort.

As the train arrives at Boon Lay station, he saw an elderly man entering the packed train, I was about to stand up to give up my seat when this boy said that he would gave up his instead, he told me it’s alright that he have to retain good reputation of the army, he called the old man and got up immediately. The old man thanked him and suddenly the boy stood still, stared at his friend for awhile and said ” oh my god, let’s try to get out at the next station”.

I could smell a little stench on his backside in his jeans. He gave an embarrassed look at us and apologised. A few passengers and I praised him for his good deed despite being in a desperation state. The old man also apologized to him knowing that he had soiled his pants he told him that it was alright as he can stand for awhile till Jurong East. The boy said, this is nothing as compared to being embarrassed by the public which in turn tarnishes the reputation of the army. He even joked to his friend that when they fighting the war, they can’t expect to sit in a toilet conveniently and comfortably and should such a need arise, they will just do it in their pants and change after its over.

I asked him if he needed any help he told me that it’s alright as he had already endured since his guard duty for 24 hours since yesterday and he had got another set of underwear in his bag which he prepared for his duty. I was so touched by him and gave him a plastic bag to keep his soil underwear. He thanked me for it and got off at Chinese Garden station to use the toilet.

I would once again like to commend this 3SG, he is truly a “hero” and should be commended. My view is that, if an NSF can exercise kindness and graciousness despite of his desperation state and doesn’t mind the slight and short embarrassment of soiling his pants in a crowded train, there is no reason why other servicemen can’t practice the same graciousness and kindness. In war time, do you think you can enjoy such convenience?

Please put this up. Sorry i didn’t manage to get the name of this NSF and take a picture. Just use any related picture.


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